HTM Mobile Food Shelf

Providing hope and food to the hungry.

2013 -  Providing food and support to 17                     sites throughout Minnesota.

  1. 2005 - HTM Mobile Food Shelf begins feeding the last, least & lonely at stationary sites. Many people are losing their houses, cars, way of life due to housing crisis and businesses needing to downsize.

  2. 2011 - New focus on bringing food to the areas where there are little or no resources.  ​​

Why Do We Do What We Do?

~~HTM seeks to help those who fall in the gap of no help, no resources, no hope.

In the state of Minnesota 608,000 people are food insecure. (Map the Meal Gap) Of those, 41% do not qualify for any state or county aid. Move into counties like Scott and Dakota and the numbers jump to 65% who are unable to receive help. This does not include those who are in a temporary emergency crisis. Illness and major financial situations such as; their vehicle needs $10,000 in repairs or a sick child's medical expenses or health care needs.

HTM seeks to help those who fall in the gap of no help, no resources, no hope.

our leadership team-- coming soon

mission & vision

To provide food and hope to the hungry

Helping the last, least and lonely and helping you to do the same..


More than 500 people volunteer with us each year and make the difference in the lives of thousands. Find out how to be one of them.

recent programs

Our mobile trailer has had a walk-in fridge added. Also, providing a verse and application suggestions for each client to help keep hope high during the week..